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Confidence RisingYou are on this earth for a reason. You matter! You are significant! God has a plan for you. You are here to make a positive impact on the lives around you using your own unique talents, gifts and wisdom. Unfortunately, most of us struggle with not feeling confident about our ability to rise to the challenges before us.

We may have suffered blows to our confidence physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. We think things like, "Who wants to listen to me? Do I really have anything important to say? Do I matter? Am I good enough, smart enough, capable enough?"

Within the pages of Confidence Rising, Marnie Pehrson Kuhns shares her personal story of losing confidence across the board - in her career, relationships, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It's the story of a woman with a dream, an inspired vision, who watched it crumble before her eyes in every possible way. Eventually, she gave up on it completely, but learned that even though she may have abandoned the plan, God had not.

Even at rock bottom, God found her, lifted her up, restored her shattered confidence, and started delivering her dreams so fast her head was spinning.

In the book, Marnie shares what she learned about

  • trusting the divinity within each of us (which she calls "the heart"),
  • trusting God,
  • understanding how God works in our lives, and
  • reaching out to bless others even in the midst of tragic circumstances.

Filled with empowering affirmations and words of wisdom, you will close the last page of this book feeling a renewed sense of confidence in who you are as a child of the Creator of the Universe. You will have a deeper understanding of the power that is available to you with God on your side. Even your shattered dreams will seem possible to revive. In fact, you'll have an understanding of why sometimes everything has to fall apart to fall into place. After reading this book, you will feel hope, peace and greater confidence about your future.

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A Piece of Hope A sequel to A PIECE OF TIME, Lilly’s story takes place a year after recovering from a car crash that took the lives of two of her friends and stole her future as a professional dancer. Lilly’s temporary journey to the other side taught her much about Heaven, her angels there, her need to forgive and her potential if she chose to return.

Now, with feet solidly planted once again in this world, Lilly Hunt is ready to live again. Her plans include building a full life with her best friend, Luke. Nevertheless, life has other plans for her, as Lilly quickly finds herself trying to survive an extreme outdoor wilderness program gone seriously off-center. Only when Lilly returns home to civilization does she discover that she is in a much more dangerous wilderness, one in which she comes face-to-face with evil.

With her life seriously threatened, and with friends and frenemies from this world and beyond giving her input, what decision is the right decision? Who can she trust to tell her the truth? Through Lilly’s experience, we learn there are different ways of dealing with our personal wildernesses. Our standard approach may not be the best one. Often-times, what life throws at us requires exceptional tools to survive, tools that are readily available to all of us if we only know where to look.

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Immorality hurts. The author was a faithful and active LDS Church member and Priesthood holder, a good father and husband, until his immorality ripped apart his family and got him excommunicated.

But because of Jesus Christ, he made the long, often difficult climb back into full fellowship in the Savior's Church.

This true story case study guide book is a how-to manual on how to "Climb Back." It's meant for those who may have taken -- or may be thinking about taking -- the same sinful, immoral path.

The author gives, through examples and step-by-step detail, messages of hope because of Christ's Atonement, of:


  • How he fell away from the Church … and could have avoided that mistake
  • Going through the excommunication process
  • Repenting, making restitution, and returning to the Church
  • Healing family, friends, Church, community and self
  • Avoiding and dealing with temptation
  • Getting rebaptized and back to the Temple
  • Morally dating
  • Coming full circle: Getting married in the Temple

"As one who had to go through the repentance process, this book is a blessing! I didn’t know where to start or what my next steps were. This book gives you hope, gives you guidance and helps you navigate through the entire process. The author is honest and raw. He touches on subjects nobody else will with great thought. He makes you feel loved by the Savior! I soon will be sealed in the Temple to the love of my life. That wouldn’t have happened had I not had the help this book gives. Thank you just isn’t enough!" - Sister MMH


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Sorry Now WhatInappropriate sexual behavior violates. Infidelity hurts. #MeToo asks women to speak up, AND it asks men to STOP. Yet #IDidThat and other hashtags indicate #MenDontGetIt. This book is one man's effort to get it, and to help other men get it and #FixBadBehaviors.

The author was a good and devoted father and husband, until his immorality ripped apart his family. He went down a confused and wayward path for nearly a decade. He had to make deep and difficult changes, often by asking #SorryNowWhat. Now, he hopes his experience can help others make the needed changes not only in themselves, but in society.

This true story case study guide book is a how-to manual on cause-and-effect, on how to change attitudes, change behaviors, AND fix mistakes. It's meant for those who may have taken -- or may be thinking about taking -- the same wrong path... even if they haven't yet discovered their errors.

The author gives, through examples and step-by-step detail, messages of hope. He discusses:

  • The mistakes he made … and how he could have avoided them
  • What society has told men in the past, and how we need to change now
  • Going through the discovery process -- what do men often do wrong?
  • Fixing things, making restitution, and returning to being a good person
  • Healing family, friends, work, social contacts, community and self
  • Avoiding and dealing with making those mistakes again
  • Getting back on a good path
  • Developing appropriate relationships, including gentlemanly dating practices
  • Coming full circle: Having an appropriate relationship which led to marriage