When Spirit Tree publishes a book, who retains the copyright?

The author.

When Spirit Tree publishes a book, how is the author paid?

The author is paid directly by Createspace or Amazon. We set up the title in your own author account.

What does it mean to be published by Spirit Tree Publishing?

We set up your Kindle files and load your book into Amazon. Your book will say “Published by Spirit Tree Publishing” on the inside. Primarily this is for credibility and the perk of having a “third-party” publisher. This also means we will list your book on our web site and you as an author on our web site. Various promotion options are available to our authors. We recommend scheduling a free strategy session to discuss your book project here.

What if I want Spirit Tree to help me get my book published, but I don’t want the Spirit Tree imprint inside my book?

That’s okay, we don’t have to put our imprint inside your book if it is not a fit for you. In this case, your book would not be listed on our site as a book we publish. If you engage us for PR/marketing you’ll be listed under the authors that we assist with PR/Marketing and not authors we publish.

Does Spirit Tree promote and market books that are published by other authors or publishers?

Yes, we do. We offer a range of promotional options including setting up your author web site, creating your Amazon Author Central account, your Goodreads account, social media platform profiles, social media marketing, Facebook advertising management, Amazon advertising management, and managing your social media accounts. We recommend scheduling a free strategy session to discuss your book project here.

Does Spirit Tree Charge to Publish and Promote Books?

Yes, this is a for-fee service. We seek to provide the best service and visibility for an affordable investment. For a quote on your book project, schedule a free strategy session.